Where can I find a KRC Genk point of sale?
  • The Ticket Office
    In the Themacafe situated in the KRC Genk stadium, Stadionplein 4, 3600 Genk
  • On the internet
    Through our online ticketportal, click HERE.
  • The ticket booths
    Ticket booths are situated to the from the main entrance and the Themacafé.
  • Bruno's Petrol Stations
    • Station As, steenweg 103 *
    • Station Bilzen, Kruisbosstraat 2/1 *
    • Station Bree, Meeuwerkiezel 116 *
    • Station Genk, Hasseltweg 15 *
    • Station Genk Noord, Hermeslaan 60
    • Station Hasselt, Genkersteenweg 61
    • Station Houthalen, Grote baan 6
    • Station Tessenderlo, Kanaalweg 57 *
    • Station Tongeren, Luikersteenweg 216
       * In these stations as well soon
When can I buy a ticket?
  • In the Ticket Office, at Bruno's Petrol Stations & on the internet:
    As soon as date and kickoff time of a game are confirmed (check the green check mark behind the game in our calendar, CLICK HERE) you can buy tickets for this game, in the KRC Genk Ticket Office in the Luminus Arena as well as online on the Tickethour portal, CLICK HERE
  • At the ticket booths
    From 2 hrs before kickoff onwards.
    For away games the ticket booths are open only when there is no mandatory ticket/travel combination in force or when the game is not sold out.