On the night from Friday to Saturday, Spain and Colombia crossed swords in a friendly practice match. With Jhon Lucumi, Carlos Cuesta and Daniel Muñoz, almost the entire South American defence consisted of players with a Genks signature. Unique. All in all, Lucumi and Cuesta kept the nets clean pretty easily. But it was Muñoz who once again stole hearts. In Genk, he will go down in history as a tireless fighter. At home, he is well on his way to achieving the same hero status. On the hour, Diaz was sent deep on the left flank. The signal for Dani to mop up his flank on the other side too. After a huge effort, he popped up - as usual - at the far post to sign for the only goal of the match with an unstoppable volley. Colombia in ecstasy. Limburg in ecstasy.

Watch Dani's goal here.