16 May 1999. On the KRC Harelbeke pitch, KRC Genk takes the first title in its fledgling club history. Limburg was on the Belgian football map. Oulare and Gudjónsson signed for the goals in the 1-2 victory. Thursday 16 May 2024, 25 years later, KRC Genk celebrates its historic first title.

Special edition Shirt

"16 May 1999 is etched in the memory of every Genkie. It was the first of four national titles we won in our early club history. And the first time always remains something special. We didn't want to let that anniversary pass by lightly. Together with our supporters and shirt partner Nike, we have therefore designed an exclusive special edition shirt with which we want to honour the heroes of those days", General Director Erik Gerits proudly announces.

On Thursday, KRC Genk launched a video in which club legend and coach ad-interim Domenico Olivieri shines in a stylish black shirt with gold trim. The shirt is full of references to the first title in the club's history, 25 years ago. At the neck of the jersey is the date etched in every Genkie's memory, flanked on both sides by the iconic 'G' formed into 12 small stars, the club's logo at the time. The back numbers are made up with photos of players and staff from the 1998-99 season in question. From the iconic duo Strupar - Oulare to Brockhauser. All are reflected in the back numbers on this special edition shirt.

Match in the sign of legends

The shirt immortalises the protagonists of 25 years ago, but it does not stop there. Next Monday's match against Antwerp will be entirely dedicated to the first title in the club's history. Living legend Pierre Denier, assistant coach in the 1998-1999 season, spared no effort to bring the heroes of that time back to Genk. Players and staff of the championship team in question will be honoured on Monday before the start of the match in a packed Cegeka Arena. After the match, they will be expected in the fan zone for a round of questions after which, as is good Genk custom, they will make their way among the supporters to play cards for a while.

"The team back then characterised itself as a close-knit group. The fact that 25 years later we succeeded in bringing 26 players and staff members of that time back to Genk is the best proof of that. The family values that so characterise our club today were already evident back then thanks to the brotherhood in the dressing room," says club icon Pierre Denier.

The current core of players will also honour the legends and take to the field against Antwerp in the special edition shirt. A first, limited, edition of the shirt will be on sale in the fanshop from 15:30 on Monday. On the webshop, the special edition shirt will be on sale from Tuesday 21 May.

Third kit 2024-2025

Also next season, the first team of KRC Genk will be seen regularly in this special edition shirt. This edition will also be the official third kit for the 2024-2025 season.