KRC Genk will start at the end of 2022, the construction of a brand-new training centre for the first team. This will be an extension of the current site and it will be physically integrated into the existing landscape. The training centre should be ready for use by the middle of 2024.

Everyone knows that we have ambitious plans to develop our infrastructure here at our ground. We see this as a three-stage project. The new training centre is step one, then there will be a new stadium at the academy for our youth team, playing in the second division, and the Ladies’ team, and finally a renovation of Cegeka Arena,” explains CEO Erik Gerits.

We want to continue to grow in terms of our sporting success and that is why we are investing in our infrastructure. We are expanding our site to make it one large “KRC Genk village.” The day-to-day workings of our first team and youth academy will be even more intertwined, by connecting them in terms of infrastructure and of course with Head of Football Dimitri de Condé already at the head of our entire sporting project.”

PCp Architects have designed a training centre that meets all the requirements of a top-level sporting complex. Two practice fields will be constructed, one with hybrid turf, plus a third, slightly smaller pitch for the goalkeepers.

This here is our land

In order to be able to realise the training centre, there were intensive discussions with all the administrative bodies involved. That is also the way the team is proceeding with regard to the plans for the stadium at the academy, which will have a capacity of 4,000, and the planned renovation of Cegeka Arena. KRC Genk hopes to have the environmental permits for the training centre finalised in April. If everything goes smoothly, the work will begin at the end of 2022. The period of public inquiry for environmental permitting has just started; anyone can view the plans on our website.

We are hereby definitively tying ourselves to this location as a club. This here is our land. We want to properly announce this to our supporters and the neighbourhood and also organise COVID-safe informational meetings in our stadium," says CEO Erik Gerits.

The City of Genk also supports the club's building plans. Mayor Wim Dries:

Five years ago, KRC started a study into the infrastructural future of the club, including a new training centre and a renovated stadium. Then there was also talk that the stadium might be located outside Genk. Therefore, today we are pleased that KRC Genk has clearly chosen to develop all its infrastructural plans for the future at the current site. For the city council, 'our KRC' has been a connecting factor among the residents of Genk for more than 30 years and it is something that provides us a measure of recognition at home and abroad. Submitting an initial environmental permit to the province is an important step.”