In 2007, KRC Genk was one of the first professional clubs in Belgium to set up a community foundation. Based on a strong belief in the potential of people – players, supporters, residents of Genk and by extension everyone – KRC Genk wants to create opportunities for people and support them with unique expertise to develop themselves. After a period of radio silence, KRC Genk now introduces its new community initiative with a nod to its roots: The KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation

The KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation will be a catalyst in creating winners off the pitch. We willhelp you rise above.

You can now follow all of the adventures and projects of our Foundation via its own social media. Did you know that your like is literally worth money starting today? The KRC Genk FRZA! Foundation will donate €1 per unique follower on its social media to VZW Kleine Prins.

Find out more about it here.