KRC Genk officially announced today that coach Wouter Vrancken has decided not to honour his long-term commitment with the club. After a successful start at KRC Genk in the 2022-2023 season, the ambition to work together longer was underlined in autumn 2022 by signing a four-season deal. Even before the double clash with Club Brugge, Wouter Vrancken's entourage let it be known that he would prefer a new challenge. After several talks over the past two weeks, Vrancken officially confirmed this position this week.

Given the crucial phase of the Champions' Play-Offs and the battle for a European ticket in which KRC Genk finds itself, the club believes it is better to end the collaboration with immediate effect. Domenico Olivieri, Michel Ribeiro and Eddy Vanhemel will be in charge of coaching the group for the last three games of this season, in the fight for a European ticket. KRC Genk wish to keep the focus entirely on the sporting and will therefore not comment further until after the Champions' Play-Offs.