Onze coach stond erop om jullie, onze supporters, een persoonlijk bericht te sturen.
Hieronder vinden jullie de integrale (Engelse) kerstbrief van Bernd Storck.

Dear fans,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your unconditional and massive support for our team. During the first couple of home games as a coach of KRC Genk, I experienced what a great atmosphere we can have in our stadium.

Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to present myself to you. We haven’t been able to meet up yet, but I plan to make up for this in 2022, as soon as possible, and within the measures of covid. I am looking forward to our encounter.  

Meanwhile I would like you to know that I completely understand your disappointment or even frustration that you feel after the performances and results in the last few months.

This great club deserves better, and as supporters, you deserve better.

Let there be no doubt: together with the players and my staff, I will do everything possible to turn this around. We will work hard to reconstruct the team and to bring KRC Genk back where it belongs.

This is the start of a new era. We have already changed a lot of things outside the pitch, and are busy doing that on the pitch. But we need more time to work on every aspect in order to educate and improve our players to be the best professional version of themselves. So may I ask you to be patient, confident and supportive, as I am totally convinced that success will come.

We will meet, soon.

Until then, I would like to wish you all, your families and friends a warm, joyful and Merry Christmas, and a healthy, happy and successful New Year 2022!

Your coach,

Bernd Storck